Sunday, February 15, 2009


*Kuala Lumpur, our home sweet home*
chicken here. cluckcluck.

Both ayam and i are back in KL now. We know that its been awhile since we scratched here..(not like anyone cares)..
well even if u people don't care, im just gona explain y..its coz we've been reeaaalllyyy busy doing nothing. yea. thats right. and wrong. wrong coz we were suppooseee to be busy studying but like i said in the previous entry, history diddd repeat itself. oh well. bad habits die hard. i swear i've been trying to murder it. it has more lives than Iggy. (kan cats ade 9 lives kan kan.. :P)..well i guess that one bad bad bad habit has at least 90 lives! blugh.


the reason why i opened this blog is coz there's this song that is stuck in my head. i think it means something to me. i've been humming it..and now that i'm back in kl, i heard it on the radio on the way back home from the airport. Its by BUNKFACE, a Malaysian band. Its called Situasi. That explains the title of this entry..hihi. :)
The chorus has been lingering in my head for afew days now..
I guess i kinda like that song eversince i heard Bunkface played it live at Rock The World last year.

I really wanted to let out this thought somewhere and ayam scratch is where i should spill it. so here is the chorus:

Dan bila kau menghilang
Musnah lah, musnah impian

Tuk menggapai bintang

Terangi hidup ku

Ku mahu kau tahu

Engkaulah, destinasiku

Dalam ingatanku... oh oh oh...

u people should listen to it. its kinda nice. :)

okidokie. im done spilling and scratching.

*we will make a new entry for ayam scratch writing when both of us are back in Bandung. :)

til then....tooodlooo!

c h i c k e n