Sunday, February 15, 2009


*Kuala Lumpur, our home sweet home*
chicken here. cluckcluck.

Both ayam and i are back in KL now. We know that its been awhile since we scratched here..(not like anyone cares)..
well even if u people don't care, im just gona explain y..its coz we've been reeaaalllyyy busy doing nothing. yea. thats right. and wrong. wrong coz we were suppooseee to be busy studying but like i said in the previous entry, history diddd repeat itself. oh well. bad habits die hard. i swear i've been trying to murder it. it has more lives than Iggy. (kan cats ade 9 lives kan kan.. :P)..well i guess that one bad bad bad habit has at least 90 lives! blugh.


the reason why i opened this blog is coz there's this song that is stuck in my head. i think it means something to me. i've been humming it..and now that i'm back in kl, i heard it on the radio on the way back home from the airport. Its by BUNKFACE, a Malaysian band. Its called Situasi. That explains the title of this entry..hihi. :)
The chorus has been lingering in my head for afew days now..
I guess i kinda like that song eversince i heard Bunkface played it live at Rock The World last year.

I really wanted to let out this thought somewhere and ayam scratch is where i should spill it. so here is the chorus:

Dan bila kau menghilang
Musnah lah, musnah impian

Tuk menggapai bintang

Terangi hidup ku

Ku mahu kau tahu

Engkaulah, destinasiku

Dalam ingatanku... oh oh oh...

u people should listen to it. its kinda nice. :)

okidokie. im done spilling and scratching.

*we will make a new entry for ayam scratch writing when both of us are back in Bandung. :)

til then....tooodlooo!

c h i c k e n

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


what were u doin to Ivan, Iggy!! uhOH. my kittykatishorny.

meow meow.
c h i c k e n here!

i got a kittennnnn!!!

Her name is IGGY POP. I named her after the punk pioneer, James Newell Osterberg Jr.'s stage name, Iggy Pop. (He was the lead singer of The Stooges, a late 1960s garage/punk/shock/glam rock band).
So why Iggy Pop?? simply coz she is as rad as he is. ;) Besides, she does look like an Iggy. hahaha!
:) :) :)

I fell in love with her the minute i stepped into the petshop. I knew i had to get herrrr..and now she's minnneee!!! *heeeeeeeee...*
btw, she has this..."huhh? whuut?? i swear i didn't do thaaat" face. canot tahan laaaa! cutenessstothemaximussss!!


hmmmm..ayam.....12 daysss??? shitness. Is history gona repeat itself? haha!! Chicken tak nak study!! Chicken nak play with Iggy!!! :(


Jom la play with Iggyyyyy!!!

ok i gostogos now..

laff laff
c h i c k e n chop

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chickin got a Kittin.

This is Ayam scratching. scratch scratch.


did you know:

1. that cancer is proven to be a deficiency disease caused by lack of vitamin B17? ironically, that is one of the main reasons why Vitamin B17 is disapproved by FDA and cancer associations. You can do research and find that pharmaceuticals companies pushed FDA to disallow sales of raw apricot seeds in the United States so that their sales for cancer meds don't go down. Raw apricot seeds are known to have abundance of B17 vitamin. - they'd rather see people die of cancer than trying to sell some thing else? just what, exactly, is happening to the world? i hope the people from FDA and those pharma companies die painful, cancer deaths.

2. that Ligers exist?

fyi Liger is Napoleon's favourite animal. It is common actually, for lions to mate with tigers - hence the name LiGer. A liger looks like a giant lion with diffused stripes. These massive creatures are 10 feet long on average and weigh about 700 lb (320kg). What's interesting, ligers can actually swim! - a common trait found in tigers, absent in lions. i thought Napoleon made it up! :D


So January is coming to an end. Aww, leaving us already? Though i had much time in hands, it still felt like January was leaving a little too early. Now February is coming (i hate to do this but chicken's not gonna do it, so --) REMINDER: EMS exams is in 12 days! beep beep. friggin 12? Nooo!

ahhhh faster come and go will you. Okay?

anyway again. chicken, got a kitten! Aaaaa! It's super duper hyper and fluffy and white and brown and black in color. What's not to love? So psyched! I'll let chicken scratch on the deets.

photos coming soon! :)

laff laff,

a y a m bakar.

Monday, January 26, 2009

looking forward to...

jason mraz
erykah badu

efek rumah kaca
& moooreeee!

Also looking forward to..Rafa's victory..(oh pls pls pls!)
He is going against Gonzalez tomorrow..

otra victoria aguarda!

as always...i'll be rooting for you...

juego maravillosamente, como usted haga siempre.

Buene Suerte Rafa!


Firstly, the name itself attracted me. DRAGON. My favourite mythical creature. The year i was born. neDRAGONed ;)

Secondly, it has my favourite colour on it..the neon lime-ish green.

Thirdly, its simply HIS!

i want the one with his name on the back of it!! How can i get ittt...?? daymn.

If any of you feel like buying it for me...let me know yah. I'll give you my address so you can post it straight to me..or you can also surprise me if you want..I don't mind at all. ;)

laff laff
c h i c k e n

Friday, January 23, 2009


**Chillex ayam..Everybody makes mistakes...

This is chicken, starting my day with an entry on ayam scratch.
I woke up 3 minutes ago, with one thought:


thnx lil bro. i miss u.

(Ayam would make the " huh??" face right about now..haha!)
oh ur making the "huhh??" face too? ok lemme "de-huhh??" it. :P

So what on earth is Foals??
It's an awesome band from Oxford, England.

Dance-punk. Heavily influenced by math rock, techno and minimalism.

Yannis Philippakis (Vocals and guitar)
Jack Bevan (Drums)
Jimmy Smith (Guitar)
Edwin Congreave (Keyboard)
Walter Gervers (Bass)

How do they look like?

Wana see them in action?

You like???? i know i do!!!

**they should pay me for this! maybe by performing for me or write a song about me?? i don't ask for much.. riiigghhtt. not asking for money or anythinngg... :P

My class is in 10 minutes, and here i am, in my room, typing this..still in my pyjamas. i wonder when ayam is gona knock on my door...

IM LATE! GOT TO RUN! ciaocincauuuu~!

laff laff
c h i c k e n

Asymmetriphobia! There's no 'co', dumbdumb.

First of all 100 mil rupiah of apologies to all. Freak this is so embarrassing! i know. :(

Man. Talk about self-humiliation.

But i’m admitting my mistake here so be grateful. Please refer to the January 16th entry, asymmetricophobia. If you happen to already google asymmetricophobia, u will find that there’s no result to your search, they might even ask you to CHECK THE SPELLING. And that’s because google is stupid.

Of course, there is also a possibility that google is not stupid, and asymmetricophobia just doesn’t exist. Okay so google is not stupid. i misspelled it! Waaaah! *flushing* nothing more to say. I misspelled it and sorry to the person who googled it and got no result. You know who you are. Thanks for somehow informing..? :) it’s asymmeTRIphobia by the way. no 'co'.

Let’s see if i have some more pictures. I’m uploading these for educational purposes and self-training. :D


ahh.. too bad. Internet connection is still at donkey-pace. now why is it only in MY room..? hmm
(*post updated two days later with pictures)

Anyway.. apart from snail-like expensive internet and misspellings,

Chicken’s group (a group of chicken..? haha) accidentally killed a lab rat today. I have a theory: everything falls apart around Jay(i hope he’s reading this). Pity the thing to have convulsed so much and having to have see Jay’s face some more before it died. RIP little thing. Though i’ve never met you.

Anyway i’m happy for my brother. He just got a placement in a university in Nice, somewhere near Paris. how can i not be jealous? well he’s gonna miss me for sure, therefore, I am soooo visiting him soon!

What else what else?

Nah it was pretty much a fine day, nothing more or less. :)

p/s: I should really get a screen protector i’m like 2 inches away from entering my laptop screen. teleport, bzzzzt

laff laff,
sup a y a m

Thursday, January 22, 2009

caught some thoughts

melodies & desires

Follow these instructions
Do exactly as I do
Lean your shoulders forward
Let your hands slide over to my side
Move your body closer
Let your heart meet mine

Love is the harmony
Desire is the key
Love is the melody
Now sing it with me

Come a little closer
Take a look at me
This light is so obvious
I want you to see
Come a little closer
Look me in the eye
Then repeat with me one more time

Love is the harmony
Desire is the key
Love is a symphony
Now play it with me

You'll be the rythm and I'll be the beat
You'll be the rythm and I'll be the beat
Then I'll be the rythm and you'll be the beat
And love, the shoreline, where you and I meet

Love is the harmony
Desire is the key
Love is a symphony
Come sing some with me

have u ever felt like there's just too much in your head that you wana let out but u can't seem to find the right words to actually say anything? when there's just too much, suddenly there's nothing. It happens alot. It happened a gezillion times before, and it's happening now.


** Ayam is sick. Her body temperature was pretty high..i'm worried. :( Let's pray so that she feels better tomorrow. :) **

Since ayam is already asleep and i can't seem to close my eyes and stare into darkness, here i am, scratching using keyboard. Let's see what's swimming around my mind. See if i can catch any specific thought.


ok here's one.

My hard disk can only be read on Mac. Is this a sign that i should ditch Microsoft and buy a Mac?? What else could it mean?? All of a sudden the bloody Hard Disk decided to be all choosy. A MAC over Microsoft. Gediknyeeeee.
(Thanx Ky!! ;)

and another..

Rafael Nadal needs to know about my existence in this world. Haha!! I could die of jealousy if Lele gets to see him before i do!! *sigh*
Lele and I have planned to go watch Australian Open whenever we can. The sad and frustrating part is that she is studying in Newcastle now which makes it pretty easy for her to go since she's near Melbourne (well she is in Melb. now). blugh. What about me?? Kuliahh muluuuuuuu..Lele, if u'r reading this, smack yourself in the head for me please. thanx. xP
oh well..patience is a virtue. it better be.
Rafa got through to the 2nd round pretty easily. Later today, he is gona face Roko Karanusic. VAMOS RAFA!!! :) thought..

Thanks to Ky, now I am still thinking and wondering about the theories of The Black Hole. There are just too many theories around that makes sense. Nearly all of them do. The thing is...which one is right? Maybe there isn't any right or correct one. What about the Bermuda Triangle? hmmmm....
Okayyy let's not hurt myself.

Moving on...

Aro is soooo J_ _ _ N _ _E_ _!!!! I can't wait.
*to those who isn't a fan of the Twilight Saga, don't bother figuring out the blanks.

Caught another!

Galvingay is goin back to KL tomorrow.
for 3 friggin weeks.
he fractured his ankle while playing futsal last night.
Pain for pleasure?
No pain, no gain?
*Bring back one large cup of honeydew milk tea with pearls from Yipee Cup please!! and a big packet of brown M&Ms for the sick ayam! teeheehee*


My parents are comin!!! Tong Tong Chiiiaaaaa!!
no burgundy. midnite blue will do.
can't get a D? Z won't hurt.
you don't understand what im scratchin? You don't have to. :P

OOkayy..enuff scratching for one nite. I better lie down now coz i think my back is about to break into a million little pieces. Thanx to Capo..(i still think we should have a warm down session before we end the practice, Yuri!!)

...the shoreline, where you and i meet

til next scratch!

laff laff
c h i c k e n

Monday, January 19, 2009

current obsessions


these are 3 of our current obsessions. (trust us...that's an understatement)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Josh Hartnett and Rafael Nadal...

how do you guys do it?
for goodness' sake, after a hundreth time watching, we're still going gaga???
but we're not complaining..*hee* :) :)

we're starting to think that it's a little unfair for the other XYs out there.
c'mon, give them some of what you've got. (to those who are possible for us to get.. at least?)


*smile sheepishly*
ahh.. girls will be girls :)

laff laff,
a y a m and c h i c k e n.

Let's make it crystal

So one of our friends thought that this blog belongs to Nina (ayam) and nina onllyyy.
*not true! xP

So here i (chicken) am, trying to make this a weeebiit clearer (i hope).

here goes..


since we call this thing "ayam scratch writing" which actually means "tulisan cakar ayam" which also means "scribble" in english (i don't know how i can make it any more obvious than this), we've decided to give ourselves nicknames in this blog instead of calling our usual nicknames. yea, for the fun of it.

we came up with ayam and chicken for obvious reasons. NINA is AYAM and NEDDY is CHICKEN.

So how would u people know who's entry it is that ur reading? Just scroll down to the end of it and see who's lafflaff its from. hehehe..well actually you would know when u read the entry lah.

The thing is...we are still figuring out how to enable 2 contributors to this one blog. If any of u know how to, share with us k?! thanx a mil! yes yes..we are abit "gaptek" (gagap technology). pfft.

clear enuff folks? (i hope Jay reads this)

til next scratch!

laff laff
c h i c k e n

Sunday, January 18, 2009

of stars, rainbow and sunshine

*replying ayam's entry on the 16th of January (assymmetricophobia)

so that's what we have in common.


it's sort of a good thing that the ever so awesome connection that we have here UNabled u to upload those 3 other yuckerooooozzz photos, ayam. (u made me look at it anyways). pffft. so yea, we cringed, shrieked, became all EEWW~ and UGGHH~~!! after we saw them pics. CAWRs (Cakar Ayam Writing Readers), be thankful that ayam couldn't put it up here.

lalats on ceiling, gezillion holes on a surface and everything in between turn us into blondes.


chicken "rainbows" sunshine.
coz love is simply overrrateddd!
helllss yeah it is.

look what i made:

you are my sunshine~
my only sunshine~

ok ok. angauness aside.

chicken senses thaat....

we are gonna have a full day at the faculty tmrw, ayam!
0700 til 1530

wish us luck CAWRs!

switching to nerd mode. (trying)



chicken wants to brag.

now i sleep with stars shining
IN my room~
i don't look
OUT, but AT the window to see stars.
ayam, u feel like slapping me now don't you?
*moves brows up and down 5 times with an annoying smile carved across my face*



ok enuff scratching for now.

laff laff
c h i c k e n

what we do best

so this is what we do best:

more of us in 2D. haha!
so, is this gona be a blog or is it gona be more like an online photo album?
well, we can always make it a photo blog..since we're damn right photogenic.
yes, u may puke now.

laff laff
c h i c k e n

us in 2D

(L-R) chicken (neddy), ayam (nina)
at The Valley, Dago Atas, Bandung.
Galvingay's surprise birthday dinner.

now u know how we look like. well kinda. :)

Friday, January 16, 2009


yeah yeah chicken, i know i said I'll start tmrw but this couldn't wait. you see, i found the name to our behavior every time we see freaking dots and circles, like neoplasia or clusters of small holes or a swarm of stupid lalat on the ceiling. even typing this is making my hair stand. eeeee..

anyway. it's called ASSYMETRICOPHOBIA. google it! interesting as it may sound, assymkjbdnfkphobia is not so fun, if you have it.

try looking at this:

feel it? if so, then you might have it too. no worries people asymmetricophobia can be cured by simply looking at a swarm of bees for as long as you can or also staring into the eyes of a sphinx.

nah. kidding.

anyhoo. our current whining subject is the stupid internet connection that is slower than a donkey carrying 198 gallons of water under the hot Sahara sun. so don't blame us for uploading so little pictures, even posting this takes time. but hang in there, ayam and chicken will be back very soon with posts more random than ever! woOt WoOt!
p/s: the plan is to upload another four more sick photos but thanks to the connection, only one managed to be uploaded. thanks.

laff laff
a y a m

Thursday, January 15, 2009

scratch scratch!

hello homosapiens, felines and most importantly, non-flying birds! this is us, ayam and chicken, scratching.

a random writing(scratching)..typing? by ayam(Nina) and chicken(Neddy).

how do we do it?
by having beautiful minds like ours.

to share, inspire, entertain and to reach out; on the current issues such as globalizations and what not.

just cause we feel like scratching.

bandung - kuala lumpur !

1.59pm, 15 January 2009.

inspired by?
skeleton corruptors' blog.

so why "cakar ayam writing"?
tulisan cakar ayam laaa..
(we do it with kyeboards)

that's all for now. hingga entry yang lain!

laff laff,
ayam and chicken.