Friday, January 23, 2009


**Chillex ayam..Everybody makes mistakes...

This is chicken, starting my day with an entry on ayam scratch.
I woke up 3 minutes ago, with one thought:


thnx lil bro. i miss u.

(Ayam would make the " huh??" face right about now..haha!)
oh ur making the "huhh??" face too? ok lemme "de-huhh??" it. :P

So what on earth is Foals??
It's an awesome band from Oxford, England.

Dance-punk. Heavily influenced by math rock, techno and minimalism.

Yannis Philippakis (Vocals and guitar)
Jack Bevan (Drums)
Jimmy Smith (Guitar)
Edwin Congreave (Keyboard)
Walter Gervers (Bass)

How do they look like?

Wana see them in action?

You like???? i know i do!!!

**they should pay me for this! maybe by performing for me or write a song about me?? i don't ask for much.. riiigghhtt. not asking for money or anythinngg... :P

My class is in 10 minutes, and here i am, in my room, typing this..still in my pyjamas. i wonder when ayam is gona knock on my door...

IM LATE! GOT TO RUN! ciaocincauuuu~!

laff laff
c h i c k e n

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