Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chickin got a Kittin.

This is Ayam scratching. scratch scratch.


did you know:

1. that cancer is proven to be a deficiency disease caused by lack of vitamin B17? ironically, that is one of the main reasons why Vitamin B17 is disapproved by FDA and cancer associations. You can do research and find that pharmaceuticals companies pushed FDA to disallow sales of raw apricot seeds in the United States so that their sales for cancer meds don't go down. Raw apricot seeds are known to have abundance of B17 vitamin. - they'd rather see people die of cancer than trying to sell some thing else? just what, exactly, is happening to the world? i hope the people from FDA and those pharma companies die painful, cancer deaths.

2. that Ligers exist?

fyi Liger is Napoleon's favourite animal. It is common actually, for lions to mate with tigers - hence the name LiGer. A liger looks like a giant lion with diffused stripes. These massive creatures are 10 feet long on average and weigh about 700 lb (320kg). What's interesting, ligers can actually swim! - a common trait found in tigers, absent in lions. i thought Napoleon made it up! :D


So January is coming to an end. Aww, leaving us already? Though i had much time in hands, it still felt like January was leaving a little too early. Now February is coming (i hate to do this but chicken's not gonna do it, so --) REMINDER: EMS exams is in 12 days! beep beep. friggin 12? Nooo!

ahhhh faster come and go will you. Okay?

anyway again. chicken, got a kitten! Aaaaa! It's super duper hyper and fluffy and white and brown and black in color. What's not to love? So psyched! I'll let chicken scratch on the deets.

photos coming soon! :)

laff laff,

a y a m bakar.


  1. DAT WAS GOOD INFO my fellow ayam friend.... btw, where did she get da cat from?

  2. i know right. i'm not sure where chicken got the kitten. some petshop near that big giant i think?