Friday, January 23, 2009

Asymmetriphobia! There's no 'co', dumbdumb.

First of all 100 mil rupiah of apologies to all. Freak this is so embarrassing! i know. :(

Man. Talk about self-humiliation.

But i’m admitting my mistake here so be grateful. Please refer to the January 16th entry, asymmetricophobia. If you happen to already google asymmetricophobia, u will find that there’s no result to your search, they might even ask you to CHECK THE SPELLING. And that’s because google is stupid.

Of course, there is also a possibility that google is not stupid, and asymmetricophobia just doesn’t exist. Okay so google is not stupid. i misspelled it! Waaaah! *flushing* nothing more to say. I misspelled it and sorry to the person who googled it and got no result. You know who you are. Thanks for somehow informing..? :) it’s asymmeTRIphobia by the way. no 'co'.

Let’s see if i have some more pictures. I’m uploading these for educational purposes and self-training. :D


ahh.. too bad. Internet connection is still at donkey-pace. now why is it only in MY room..? hmm
(*post updated two days later with pictures)

Anyway.. apart from snail-like expensive internet and misspellings,

Chicken’s group (a group of chicken..? haha) accidentally killed a lab rat today. I have a theory: everything falls apart around Jay(i hope he’s reading this). Pity the thing to have convulsed so much and having to have see Jay’s face some more before it died. RIP little thing. Though i’ve never met you.

Anyway i’m happy for my brother. He just got a placement in a university in Nice, somewhere near Paris. how can i not be jealous? well he’s gonna miss me for sure, therefore, I am soooo visiting him soon!

What else what else?

Nah it was pretty much a fine day, nothing more or less. :)

p/s: I should really get a screen protector i’m like 2 inches away from entering my laptop screen. teleport, bzzzzt

laff laff,
sup a y a m


  1. tthis is Nina testing on the new setting. testing testing one two tiga

  2. yayyy! now anyone can leave a comment if they want to.. :D

    kesian rat tu.. :'( sniff.
    congrats nina's brotherrr! neddy pun jealous!

    btw, if u wanna upload pictures, come to my room and do it la..ur room is very sengal and kodi lahh..just like the person who owns it. :D

  3. the rat died coz I was there????? yea rite... u punctured it before u injected the glucose... i guess the glucose escaped thru da puncture later one n den the rat died... lol.... so lemme see... chicken killed da rat!!!!

  4. the glucose escaped through the puncture? how come that sounds so off and funny! haha!

  5. fakyu jay! watch it! blugh.
    it sounds so off and funny coz it came from janakan naidu aka apu's head.
    nuff seyd.