Friday, January 16, 2009


yeah yeah chicken, i know i said I'll start tmrw but this couldn't wait. you see, i found the name to our behavior every time we see freaking dots and circles, like neoplasia or clusters of small holes or a swarm of stupid lalat on the ceiling. even typing this is making my hair stand. eeeee..

anyway. it's called ASSYMETRICOPHOBIA. google it! interesting as it may sound, assymkjbdnfkphobia is not so fun, if you have it.

try looking at this:

feel it? if so, then you might have it too. no worries people asymmetricophobia can be cured by simply looking at a swarm of bees for as long as you can or also staring into the eyes of a sphinx.

nah. kidding.

anyhoo. our current whining subject is the stupid internet connection that is slower than a donkey carrying 198 gallons of water under the hot Sahara sun. so don't blame us for uploading so little pictures, even posting this takes time. but hang in there, ayam and chicken will be back very soon with posts more random than ever! woOt WoOt!
p/s: the plan is to upload another four more sick photos but thanks to the connection, only one managed to be uploaded. thanks.

laff laff
a y a m

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