Thursday, January 22, 2009

caught some thoughts

melodies & desires

Follow these instructions
Do exactly as I do
Lean your shoulders forward
Let your hands slide over to my side
Move your body closer
Let your heart meet mine

Love is the harmony
Desire is the key
Love is the melody
Now sing it with me

Come a little closer
Take a look at me
This light is so obvious
I want you to see
Come a little closer
Look me in the eye
Then repeat with me one more time

Love is the harmony
Desire is the key
Love is a symphony
Now play it with me

You'll be the rythm and I'll be the beat
You'll be the rythm and I'll be the beat
Then I'll be the rythm and you'll be the beat
And love, the shoreline, where you and I meet

Love is the harmony
Desire is the key
Love is a symphony
Come sing some with me

have u ever felt like there's just too much in your head that you wana let out but u can't seem to find the right words to actually say anything? when there's just too much, suddenly there's nothing. It happens alot. It happened a gezillion times before, and it's happening now.


** Ayam is sick. Her body temperature was pretty high..i'm worried. :( Let's pray so that she feels better tomorrow. :) **

Since ayam is already asleep and i can't seem to close my eyes and stare into darkness, here i am, scratching using keyboard. Let's see what's swimming around my mind. See if i can catch any specific thought.


ok here's one.

My hard disk can only be read on Mac. Is this a sign that i should ditch Microsoft and buy a Mac?? What else could it mean?? All of a sudden the bloody Hard Disk decided to be all choosy. A MAC over Microsoft. Gediknyeeeee.
(Thanx Ky!! ;)

and another..

Rafael Nadal needs to know about my existence in this world. Haha!! I could die of jealousy if Lele gets to see him before i do!! *sigh*
Lele and I have planned to go watch Australian Open whenever we can. The sad and frustrating part is that she is studying in Newcastle now which makes it pretty easy for her to go since she's near Melbourne (well she is in Melb. now). blugh. What about me?? Kuliahh muluuuuuuu..Lele, if u'r reading this, smack yourself in the head for me please. thanx. xP
oh well..patience is a virtue. it better be.
Rafa got through to the 2nd round pretty easily. Later today, he is gona face Roko Karanusic. VAMOS RAFA!!! :) thought..

Thanks to Ky, now I am still thinking and wondering about the theories of The Black Hole. There are just too many theories around that makes sense. Nearly all of them do. The thing is...which one is right? Maybe there isn't any right or correct one. What about the Bermuda Triangle? hmmmm....
Okayyy let's not hurt myself.

Moving on...

Aro is soooo J_ _ _ N _ _E_ _!!!! I can't wait.
*to those who isn't a fan of the Twilight Saga, don't bother figuring out the blanks.

Caught another!

Galvingay is goin back to KL tomorrow.
for 3 friggin weeks.
he fractured his ankle while playing futsal last night.
Pain for pleasure?
No pain, no gain?
*Bring back one large cup of honeydew milk tea with pearls from Yipee Cup please!! and a big packet of brown M&Ms for the sick ayam! teeheehee*


My parents are comin!!! Tong Tong Chiiiaaaaa!!
no burgundy. midnite blue will do.
can't get a D? Z won't hurt.
you don't understand what im scratchin? You don't have to. :P

OOkayy..enuff scratching for one nite. I better lie down now coz i think my back is about to break into a million little pieces. Thanx to Capo..(i still think we should have a warm down session before we end the practice, Yuri!!)

...the shoreline, where you and i meet

til next scratch!

laff laff
c h i c k e n


  1. awww. that's the sweetest thing ever. i am a little better this morning. :) thanks for praying fer me!

    anyway melodies and desires? nice words.

    and and, what's a D and a Z? platnumbrs ke?
    *scratching head*

  2. :D yayyy!

    yea..neddy nak D in front!
    but Z won't hurt la kan..
    Z "Z devil". instead of D neddy. hehe..we'll see how lah. hm..

    *nak pinjam chargerrrr!* :P

  3. omg u don't have to tell the whole world u nak borrow my charger. XD
    btw chickin have this problem with chargers, no, chargers have a problem with her. amirite or amirite? seems like all the chargers she bought can only be used once. next time just buy a pakai buang one okenggg :D

  4. chargers just don't like me la. y eh?!
    chargers have problem with me..therefore, i have problem with chargers!
    got ke the pakai buang kind? if ada mmg i beli k. hahaha! ;)

  5. haha.. buy a mac or a new harddrive... make up ur mind.. xD

  6. ky..u buy me a mac and i'll buy a new harddrive. ok?! OK! YAY! hahahaha!!

  7. wakakakka... i think its suppose to be d otherwise... i need a new laptop, n u need a new hard drive... ahhahha.. xp

  8. ok then u buy 2 laptops. a mac for me, and whatever u want for urself. deal? DEAL! woohoo! thanx ky!!!!!!!

  9. No la..I'll smack your head coz u make me wait...LOL...
    We'll go we'll defo go..No worries Neddo..

  10. u meannnn....u didn't go see nadal coz u were waiting for me??? i love u lele!!! somuchsomuchhh!! :D
    aaaaa i miss u la. my indo friend that turned malay. haha! what bout me?